Is our highest good – and only through this quality are our three brands Yörem Özyörem and Destan today in Turkish food segment at the top.
Through strict control and monitoring system, we offer an no room for human or technical error and can therefore offer our customers the highest quality at the lowest price guarantees.
Helal (Halal) *

The observance of Islamic laws is awarded in addition to quality is our highest priority, therefore, several Helal (halal, halal) ¹ certificates to all of our products and are regularly checked and controlled by independent institutes at short time intervals.
You can Download the Hala Certification!

Halal Certification Download

* Halal – is an Arabic word which can be used with “allowed” and “permitted” translated. It refers to all objects and actions that are permitted or permissible under Islamic law

OZYOREM Helal Zertifikat 2017 LD