Our company was established in the year 2001 as Demka GmbH.
Using our many years of experience and having the wide range of support needed, we raise the bar every day. In a short amount of time DEMKA took its place in the market as a high quality brand that provides excellent customer service.
Demka expanded his product line by analysing its customers and colleagues.
In a short period of time, while being successful in Europe, Demka also found its ground in Arab and African countries.

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Using Halal, quality and Hygiene as the base of our company, it made it possible to move to a 6000m² modern warehouse in 2014.
Bringing the fine tastes from our beautiful country to the people abroad has always been a top priority. Under these conditions, our brands Yörem, Özyörem, Destan, Azad, Sohbet and Yumurcak have become popular and desired brands in the ethnic food section.
Corporate Social Responsibility helps Demka to be innovative in the ethnic food section.
Supporting the community with projects in sports, health, education and culture are just a few examples where Demka contributes to the economic and social development. Besides, it also helps Demka to be close to the consumer and also have strong band with them.
Working with the same passion and excitement as the day the company was founded, Demka will continue providing the beloved consumers Halal, high quality and healthy products.
“We will always keep listening to you, the consumer. Providing you of products you request and bringing you the taste you desire. We know the value of your money and your health and will always keep working and producing using that as our guidelines.”
We like to thank you for all the warm interest and support you have shown us.